Professional Tax Practice

3 Do’s And Don’ts for Your Professional Tax Practice

Every Professional Tax Practice goal is to have a consistent flow of work before and after the tax season rush; after all, you will want to stand out as an industry expert and cater to both individuals and businesses. As such, you need to implement creative strategies to keep a competitive edge above the dozens of other tax preparers in your area.

Being a tax preparer isn’t just about completing tax returns—it’s about marketing, maintaining a robust knowledge base, and avoiding common pitfalls in the tax industry. To help you out, here are three do’s and don’ts you need to follow to help you keep a successful tax practice for many years to come:


Do: Use the Right Software

The best technology delivers accurate calculations in the blink of an eye. Professional Tax Practice software makes everything easy for you and your client, allowing secure access and information management on the go.

Make sure you are using tax software that meets all of your needs. If you find yourself needing features or modules that aren’t included in your software package, it’s time to reevaluate and possibly seek a new setup for your Professional Tax Practice! Remember, your software should be doing the bulk of the work for you—and you shouldn’t be twisting yourself in knots adjusting to what it can and can’t provide.


Don’t: Pay for Resources You Don’t Need

It’s essential to have all the resources you need to ensure efficient workflow and peak productivity. However, you also need to be careful about the resources you’re acquiring.

Don’t purchase software modules and add-ons that you won’t use consistently. Keep an eye on your business expenses, and be vigilant about plugging up any money leaks.


Do: Keep Up With Tax Laws

Your clients depend on your knowledge—not just of the numbers, but of tax laws and regulations as well. As such, you need to invest time and resources into keeping up with any changes in the local, state, and federal tax regulations. Technical corrections and business regulations are continually changing, so you have to make sure you and your clients are always complying with them.

There are many resources online that can help you navigate any changes to the tax code and provide daily news updates that all Professional Tax Practice need.


Don’t: Disregard Training

In the golden age of technology, no industry remains static. Professional Tax Practice preparation is evolving and changing every year, and clients are arming themselves with more and more information before they walk through your door. Given that, tax businesses should keep up with recent trends and practices to remain successful in the long-term.


Do: Secure Your Information

Online security should be one of your Professional Tax Practice top priorities. You are handling incredibly sensitive information that should always be kept under multiple layers of protection. Use two-factor authentication on all of your logins, and beware of suspicious links in your email. You should consider generating random passwords as well to further secure your data.

Even your personal online habits should be as secure as possible because a breach in your social media accounts can lead directly to your Professional Tax Practice sphere.


Don’t: Rely Only on Physical Servers

Cloud storage solutions have made file backups much more convenient and secure. If your tax practice is still utilizing physical servers, it’s time to consider downsizing. Only keep the files that you need on-hand and use remote servers for archiving.



The tax industry is continuously evolving—and it will keep any tax professional on their toes just trying to keep up. You can ensure your tax business’s continued success by keeping an eye on new regulations, developing trends, and market research. This way, you’ll keep expanding your client base, and they will keep you busy for many years to come.

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