3 Great Client Retention Strategies That Benefit Tax Preparers

As a tax preparation business, you’ll want to make sure that your clients keep coming back. Client retention should be a priority in your overall marketing strategy. Loyal clients are often satisfied clients who are likely to tell other people about your company. Providing the most optimal customer experience possible is an excellent way to help you achieve your business goals.

Finding creative ways to keep your clients coming back can be a bit of a challenge. As the new tax filing season approaches, this presents a prime opportunity to attract new clients while caring for your current ones. Here are three great strategies to create loyal and happy clients:

Stay in Touch

It’s always a good idea to stay in touch with your clients, even when the tax season is months away. That way, once it’s finally time to file taxes, they’ll immediately think of you. If you haven’t been reaching out to your clients, now is the best time to start getting in touch with them.

A great way to do this is by offering a client loyalty discount program. For example, offer them a 5 percent discount for each year they return and cap it at a 20 percent discount. When you send this to clients, tell them that it’s a way to show your gratitude for their past business, and reward them for their loyalty. That way, you’ll encourage them to return without cheapening your services.

If you have any special news that will help clients, send them an email about it—the more informative, the better. If there were any significant changes in tax regulations, that’s something they will need to know. You can also add in tax tips, which clients will always appreciate.

The point of staying in touch is to remind your clients of your business and show them that you care. The more valued they feel, the more likely they’ll return to you for tax preparation.

Ask for Feedback

Providing the best customer experience possible is crucial for creating a loyal client base. They can offer valuable suggestions that will help you provide better service while eliminating as many pain points as possible. These insights will also help your business stay sharp, giving you an edge over your competitors.

Clients also appreciate it when they feel heard. When they see a business put their recommendations into practice, they’ll feel like they made a significant contribution as well, which will help establish a deeper relationship between you two.

Offer Year-Round Services

Staying active even outside of tax season is a great way to increase your income potential. You could do this a few ways, and one of these is by offering an autumn check-in with your clients. This service can help them feel more comfortable and prepared for tax season while ironing out any problems they might have encountered.

Sweeten the deal by packaging the check-in with early bird discounts. The chance of saving a little more on essential services may have your clients jump right back into your business. These discounts might even nudge the worst procrastinators among your clients.


Factoring these three client retention strategies into your overall marketing is a great way to expand your practice. Attracting new clients and caring for your current ones is vital for growing your business. Marketing to existing clients is much more cost-efficient, as it takes less effort, time, and money to reach them. With these strategies, you’ll be enjoying a loyal client base that will help you scale your tax preparation company.

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