Busy Tax Season

3 Smart Tips for Working With Clients During Busy Tax Season

When running a tax preparation business, it’s not uncommon for you to encounter clients who procrastinate. What’s worse is that every time Busy Tax Season comes around, you often find your team in a sea of shoeboxes of receipts.

On that note, it pays to remember that procrastinating clients can bring problems to your firm. Accommodating their needs and requests can stretch your manpower too thin and cost you money. On top of that, some clients can also be quite demanding. They send in their documents the last minute, expecting you to miraculously sort everything out in a day.

Fortunately, there are techniques you can employ to manage such clients wisely and make it through the Busy Tax Season well.

On that note, here are three smart tips worth following to work with your customers efficiently during such eventful times:

#1: Use a Professional Tax Preparation Software

One of the most straightforward ways to make your job easier is to leverage the technology available today.

Most tax software programs come with tax organizers and online client portals. Educating your clients on how to use these can greatly improve your workflow. Such tools let them log in and upload their documents easily. Moreover, it lets both of you keep all files in one convenient and accessible place.

Ultimately, this helps your clients develop better tax prep habits. This means less stress and improved efficiency for you!

#2: Enforce Deadlines and Boundaries

Even before Busy Tax Season comes around, you must be upfront about your tax preparation timetable. It pays to let your clients know how much time is needed to complete their tax returns. This gives them an idea of when they need to get their documents ready.

Aside from this, you must also set and enforce boundaries as to how your clients must treat you and your staff. If a conflict arises, your first response must be to maintain a respectful attitude while determining the issue.

However, you should not allow your customers to become abusive with you or anyone in your team. If you have clients who have become problematic for your firm, do not be afraid to turn them down. You may refer them to another firm instead.

#3: Strive to Create a Balanced Schedule

The Busy Tax Season will surely keep your whole team busy. In some cases, it may also require you to extend your working hours to get things done.

With that said, you have to plan your work hours carefully. First, it’s a good idea to assign a time for working and a time for facing clients. Aside from that, you must be mindful of the times your team has been working overtime.

Creating a balanced schedule ensures that you and your associates will not be pushed excessively past the normal work hours.


Busy Tax Season will be inevitably busy every year. This is especially true if a lot of your clients have become accustomed to procrastination. Fortunately, there are strategies you can employ to help them create better tax prep habits. Particularly, following the tips mentioned above can help you achieve a smoother and more efficient collaboration with them.

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