3 Ways to Attract New Tax Clients

Tax season has always been the bane of a professional’s existence. While start-ups up to Fortune companies are always on the lookout for expert help, certified public accountants (CPAs) and tax preparers know the industry is fiercely competitive. No one ever loses the need to prepare their taxes, but marketing during tax season means plowing through a dog-eat-dog space to acquire new tax clients. Seeing as clients are the bread and butter of any business, your accounting firm needs to polish its marketing strategy to scour enough leads to stay ahead of the pack. If you’re wondering how to fast-track your customer’s journey and turn initial prospects into loyal clients, then consider the tried-and-tested lead generation for CPAs tips below:


Tip #1: Optimize Your Website

There’s no doubt that the world is increasingly becoming digital-reliant, so running a website is no longer a marketing afterthought as it often serves as the gateway where potential clients can access your business. Seeing as most people search for tax preparers online, it makes sense to optimize your website and ensure that it is responsive, visually appealing, and user-friendly. Incorporating digital solutions like SEO can do wonders to put your business on top of search results, increasing your chances of driving traffic to your accounting practice.


Tip #2: Build a Social Presence

As mentioned above, most of your consumers — young or old — are likely active somewhere on the plethora of social media channels on the world wide web. A website may serve as your digital brick-and-mortar, but having a social presence steers you into an avenue where you can establish more meaningful relationships with your target audience. It’s the space where you can give your business a strong voice, allowing you to tap into broader demographics and increase your following. If you’re still on the fence about going online, then consider this: 68 percent of Americans are actively using Facebook, so failing to sign up would lock you out of building your tax client pool.


Tip #3: Leverage Word of Mouth

Even after pulling all the stops to enhance your tax marketing strategy, sometimes nothing beats the confidence clients feel with word of mouth. Referrals from friends, family, or colleagues often receive more positive feedback since 92 percent of consumers trust people’s recommendations within their circle. One way to encourage your clients to offer referrals is to provide a discount or incentive, making it a win-win scenario for you and your customers.


The Bottom Line: Inviting New Tax Clients to Your Business

The tips above should boost your marketing efforts and help you garner new customers, but at its core, the best way to put your business in a higher position is to optimize your workflow. Ensuring the tax season is as pain-free as possible can speak volumes about the quality of your business, allowing you to bolster your reputation in the long run.


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