5 Tips for Keeping Your Tax Prep Business Cost-Efficient

Running a business can be difficult, especially for people who have little to no experience with managing cash flow. This is whymid-size and enterprise business owners hire professional accountants or buy taxation software. 

Tax preparers, though, are business owners themselves. If you provide financial solutions to others, you should also be efficient in spending money for your company. Here are five things you can do if you’re trying to cut costs without cutting corners.

Consider outsourcing some tasks

Hiring someone full-time is not always the best way to increase efficiency. Consider outsourcing—hire a contractor to do non-tax prep related work like maintaining your website, social media or handling your email marketing campaign. 

Outsourcing allows you to hire temporarily for various jobs at rates that work best for your budget. You can also hire interns and reach out to local colleges. An internship is a win-win for you and the students you hire.

Prioritize returning clients

Client retention, instead of expansion, is a reasonable and conservative strategy for businesses during lean times. Ask your clients for feedback on your services and be open to their suggestions. Seek their opinions on what you are doing well and what you need to improve.

Customer experience is a significant reason why people come back to your services again. To keep yourself on top of your clients’ minds, stay in regular contact with them and communicate changes or updates to your business. Satisfied clients will recommend you to their network or post comments online about your service.

Sign up for business accounts 

Retailers frequently offer business-focused accounts, which allows the user to purchase at exclusive pricing. Retailers like Amazon also give you analytics about your purchases, which can help you track your money. 

You can run a tax preparation business from your laptop or computer, but there are parts that you still need to handle in person. Minor purchases like ink cartridges and printer paper add up, and you can get surprised by how much you end up spending if you do it thoughtlessly.

Offer your services in exchange for needs

Tax preparers have a valuable skill set that many business owners need. Offer your tax prep for IT services or website design. You can even take this offline; you can offer to do your landlord’s tax returns to reduce or delay rent payment.

When you agree to a barter exchange, you must keep in mind the value of your work. Spend the right amount of time to do the job—nothing more or less. Protect your interests as well; get everything written and signed. 

Finally, make sure you report your barter correctly. This type of transaction should be part of your tax return, and it needs a Form 1099-B. If you are successful, your client might even recommend you to their friends and family.

Look for industry discounts as much as possible

Subscriptions, free trials, industry events, early-bird promotions—take note of all of these and try them out for your business. When you are always on the lookout for a good deal, you’ll naturally find more of them.


Building and running a business can be quite challenging. The primary concern for many operations is keeping costs low and earnings high, and if you implement sound financial decisions, you’ll surely achieve this.

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