Audit Protection

We Protect Your Money at All Cost: Keystone's Audit Protection Services!

At Keystone Tax Solutions, we understand the challenges tax preparers face, especially when confronted with audits. Our audit protection services are crafted to offer an unyielding shield against unforeseen auditing complications. Tax professionals can trust our comprehensive tax audit protection for preparers, ensuring their clients receive the best defense against potential financial setbacks. Additionally, our tax audit defense for preparers guarantees that, even in the thick of an audit, your interests and those of your clients remain safeguarded.

By integrating our audit maintenance pro system, we continually monitor and update our strategies, staying a step ahead in the ever-evolving world of tax audits. When you choose Keystone, you’re not just getting a service; you’re acquiring peace of mind. Let our audit protection services fortify your tax preparation process against unexpected adversities.

Why Keystone’s Audit Protection?

Here to Help

Professional Case Resolution Managers

Assisting taxpayers and tax professionals year-round.

Peace of mind

Your clients know they have expert help if an IRS or state letter arrives.

Breathe Easy

Over 5 Million Letters Sent

Last year alone, the IRS sent out over 5 million letters.

Experienced Professionals

Our tax professionals bring over 10 years of experience and have assisted more than a million customers

Tax Fraud Assistance

Complete Paperwork Assistance

In suspected tax fraud incidents, we handle all required paperwork.

Obtain IRS Identity Protection PIN

Safeguarding taxpayers in cases of identity theft.

Tax Debt Relief

Assessment and Resolution

Assessing all taxes, penalties, and interest for the best resolution options.

Expert Advice

Providing guidance on the best course of action.

Tax Preparation Guarantee

Comprehensive Support

Addressing tax debts to the IRS or state taxing authority with advice on the optimal course of action.

State and Federal Return

Confusing Letters? We Decode

Helping with interpretation, guidance, and case resolution for both Federal and State returns.

Ready to tackle taxes without the headache? Keystone’s your solution!
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