Cloud Based vs. Desktop Based Tax Software Which Is Better

Many businesses can agree that taxes are complicated to handle. Not only do tax requirements differ from one industry to the other, but each country also has unique tax laws. However, the complication does not end there.

Deciding what to use to handle those taxes can also be quite a challenge. For some businesses, desktop-based tax software has been their go-to solution for their tax needs. For other companies, an in-house solution may be too expensive, and they may not have the expertise to use it. In such cases, a cloud-based tax software might be a better solution, considering its affordability, scalability, and features.

Are you torn between using a desktop-based versus a cloud-based tax software? Here is why you may want to choose one or the other.

Cloud-based tax software

As the name implies, cloud-based tax software is located on a server and is generally hosted by a third-party. Such a solution means that you do not need tax software installed on a computer. Instead, you just need devices that can access the remote server.

This solution provides plenty of advantages. For example, multiple devices can access the software at once. This means that you can access the same software and work on the same documents, whether on a phone or laptop. Another great advantage is its mobility. As long as you have a connection, you can work on your taxes no matter where you are.

Other advantages include automatic backups, which can come in handy should data loss occur. Additional features also include automatic updates and security, providing the safest and most secure platform to work on your taxes.

Desktop-based tax software

Unlike cloud-based tax software, desktop-based tax software is installed on the devices themselves. While it may not have some advantages like its counterpart, such as automatic backups and the like, it performs better in other aspects.

For instance, a significant advantage that desktop-based tax software offers is its more comprehensive range of features. That is because desktop-based tax software has been around for much longer than cloud-based versions, meaning it has undergone more development.

Additionally, some desktop-based software can specialize in specific fields, providing you with the exact tools and features you need to complete a task effectively. On that note, some desktop-based software tools can integrate into a network. This means that multiple devices can use the software at once without requiring a server.


Put simply, cloud-based tax software offers a little more quality-of-life advantages compared to desktop-based tax software. However, the differences are minimal, and the gap between the two is ever-shrinking in size as technology improves.

On that note, you will still need to decide whether you want to opt for cloud-based or desktop-based software. Fortunately, picking one is as simple as identifying your needs. If you are always working on the go and have access to reliable internet, a cloud-based solution is a great way to enjoy reliability. On the other hand, if you are not traveling much and do not like the delay that some cloud-based solutions present, opting for a desktop-based software is an excellent idea.

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