How to Apply for an EFIN An Easy Three-Step Guide

Becoming an authorized IRS e-file Provider lets you increase your productivity, save money, and provide quality services that taxpayers expect from you. It allows you to file tax returns online, eliminating the need to fill out the form and promoting convenience and efficiency. Before reaping these benefits, you have to apply for an Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN).

An Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN) is a-six digit number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to businesses or organizations like yours to identify those that have completed the e-File application. It takes about 45 days to get an EFIN, so be sure to get started well in advance of tax season.

How Do I Apply for an EFIN?
  1. Create an IRS e-services account

The first step to becoming an authorized IRS e-file Provider is creating an IRS e-services account. It lets you interact with the IRS online. When applying for this account, you have to provide the following information:

Afterward, create your username, password, and PIN, and choose and answer a security reminder question. Make sure that every principal and responsible official in your firm signs up for e-services.

Confirm your registration within 28 days of receiving your confirmation code in the mail. Take note that this entire process can take several days, so plan accordingly and provide accurate and factual information.

  1. Submit your application to become an authorized e-file Provider

After getting approved for e-services, your tax preparation business can begin your application to become an authorized e-file Provider. This application process is time-consuming and can take up to 45 days for approval.

Submit identification information for your tax business, select your e-file provider option, and include details about every principal and responsible official in your firm. Don’t forget to add current professional status information of those who are certified or licensed in your company, and ensure that they provide their fingerprints to the IRS.

  1. Undergo a suitability check

The IRS will perform a suitability check for your tax business and do a thorough review of every person listed on your application. You can expect to undergo a credit check, a tax compliance check, a criminal background check, and a check for prior non-compliance with IRS e-file requirements for your officials. After you have fulfilled all the requirements and your EFIN has been approved, you will receive an acceptance letter from the IRS.

Where Can I Ask for Application Assistance?

The entire application process for obtaining an EFIN is tedious and lengthy. As tax preparers, you may opt to spend your time accomplishing other important business-related tasks than handling your application. You can seek EFIN assistance from a reliable company like ours to free up your time and focus on more pressing matters in your business.


Acquiring an EFIN lets you electronically file tax returns and enjoy other benefits. From creating your e-services account, submitting your application, and undergoing a sustainability check, the entire process takes up too much time and can be stressful. Seeking application assistance lets you become more efficient and helps you grow your tax business.

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