Keeping Up With Taxes Online Vs Desktop Tax Software

Taxes can be challenging. Working with numbers all day can be overwhelming, as taxes can be draining—get one thing wrong, the consequences are dire. As a tax professional, it’s only logical to invest in the right tools to boost productivity and minimize mistakes—this is where tax software comes in.

These tax software platforms have been designed to help expedite the process, but you need to find the right one that suits your needs. There are desktop versions you can install on your computer, as well as online ones that you can access through a device and internet connection.

Bear in mind that certain factors come into play when it comes to the choice between desktop and online tax software. Here’s a quick rundown of each, as well as which type of software best suits your needs. The end goal is to always perform taxes in a safe and secure manner, so choose wisely!

Factor #1: Convenience

Online: With online tax softwares, you have the ability to work remotely and use different devices to work on your tax return. These are also not limited to personal computers, as many companies now offer mobile apps that allow you to work on your taxes on your mobile phone or tablet. Online tax software is ideal because of the convenience they offer, allowing you to work on any device with a secure internet connection.

Desktop: With desktop tax software, you can work on your tax returns on a personal computer. However, you can only do so if the software is installed on the computer. While having to manually install the software and transfer data on multiple computers can be quite a hassle, convenience will not be much of a problem if you’re only planning to work on one computer.

Which is better?

Verdict: Online

Factor #2: Storage

Desktop: You will be dealing with multiple files each season, and since clients are aplenty, it’s easy to lose storage space quickly. Choosing to use tax software on your desktop also holds you responsible for protecting your data. In the event of unprecedented disasters, you can lose data permanently, so it’s important to regularly back up data in another location other than your computer.

Online: Seeing as the world is moving towards digital, online tax software is most ideal. It automatically saves data as you work, maintaining your data as secure as possible. Encrypted copies are always kept at separate locations to keep safe during disasters. Cloud storage devices such as OneDrive and Google Drive can also be accessed, giving you ample storage for your steady flow of clients.

Which is better?

Verdict: Online

Factor #3: Security

Desktop: Working on a desktop doesn’t have much of a data security risk provided you take precautionary cybersecurity measures, such as having an active firewall and secure antivirus software which should be updated regularly. If you don’t have these, however, you may risk a data breach from malware and hackers.

Online: Working with online tax software provides you with ample security, especially since companies behind it protect and encrypt your tax data files. You need only identify and choose which company offers you the best protection, as your options will be plenty. Make sure to review privacy and security policies!

Which is better?

Verdict: Online and desktop

The Final Verdict: An Online Tax Software is Key to Your Success

It’s vital that you equip yourself with the right tools, ensuring that you’re always ready for tax season. From everything gathered, the best tax softwares are those you can easily access online, as they provide ample security, storage, and convenience for your tasks.

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