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As a professional tax preparer, one of the best ways to acquire more job orders is through traditional ads and the typical word of mouth method. That has always been the case for tax experts, the prevalent norm throughout the decades. However, the advent of technology and social media may have rattled that process these past few years, with many competitors drowning out your ads through their online presence. While it may seem intimidating to fight fire with fire by making a social media account yourself, it is a lot easier than you think. Adjusting from a traditional way of getting clients towards an innovative way of acquiring them may be stressful initially, but you’ll soon realize it offers better opportunities for your venture in the digital age. To help you get started, we’ve gathered all the benefits of using social media for your firm:


Brand Establishment

Through social media, you will be able to establish a brand of your own. It isn’t easy to introduce yourself and what you have to offer to a new audience, especially since there is no familiarity involved at first. However, thanks to social media, you’ll be empowered to reach your target audience about you and your taxing services. You will be able to show them your credentials through an image or a video, where repetition is highly plausible. Social media posts will remain online unless you decide to delete them yourself. With the help of this repetition, you will be able to establish familiarity and brand recognition.


Consistent Interactions

There used to be a time when tax professionals may need to fax or communicate through the phone just to update clients. This tends to be inconvenient, as the client may not be available to pick up the call or the faxed document, missing out on updates about their numbers. Nowadays, social media platforms are integrated with a communication channel, a chat feature that will enable you to send updates to your clients anytime, anywhere. They will no longer miss out on tax reminders, empowering them to remain aware of their current tax conditions.


Wider Reach

Social media platforms enable entrepreneurs and self-employed people to reach more of their target audiences online. The old method usually involved paying a newspaper for printing out ads about their business and offered services. Nowadays, tax professionals can accomplish this for free. Of course, social media platforms also offer a “boost” advertisement function that they may pay for to make their ads appear more often online. Still, for the most part, the free publicity is already enough to garner more clients through post shares and user tags.



Social media is an efficient tool for tax professionals who would like to turn to digital marketing. Not only is it effective in acquiring new clients, but it is also more convenient and practical in the long run. The broader reach that they may have, the consistent updates that they may communicate, and the brand recognition that they may establish with their clients are just some of the best things that they may experience out of it. It may just be good enough to land them more satisfied clients in the future. If you would like to take your tax services to the next level, you’ll need a professional tax preparation software platform to make things more convenient and efficient for you. Keystone Tax Solutions provides the right software for all your tax preparation needs. Get a free demo today!

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