Tax Preparation Tips for Boosting Your Clients’ Individual Tax Refunds

Building your credibility as a tax preparation business takes more than just having a sufficient understanding of tax laws and completing tax returns accurately and on time. To become a professional tax preparer who stands out in the industry, you must come up with creative solutions to save your clients’ money.

Learning how to boost your clients’ tax refunds is part of gaining a competitive edge. It leaves them with extra cash they can either save or reinvest. This way, you can give them satisfactory customer service and enjoy a consistent client base that’s happy with your business. Here are some ways to help them get a big tax refund:

Many taxpayers are unaware that many tax deductions exist, leading them to pay more than they owe. To prevent this mistake, refresh your memory about existing tax deductions. Your client may qualify for certain commonly overlooked deductions that can make a significant difference on their tax refund.

If a client is an unmarried taxpayer who claims a qualifying dependent, cutting their tax bills is possible by filing them as Head of Household instead of Single, as long as they meet the requirements. This offers them a more favorable tax bracket and a higher standard tax deduction.

A qualifying dependent can be a child or an elderly parent being financially supported and who lived with the taxpayer for more than six months. Unfortunately, many taxpayers who care for their senior parents don’t realize they can claim Head of Household status.

Ask your client if they provide more than half of their parent’s financial support. If they do, they can file as this status even if they don’t live with their parents.

Choosing a filing status is one of the first decisions you and your client should make when completing their tax return. This is crucial because it can impact their refunds’ sizes. For instance, if they are married and they file jointly annually, a joint return is not always the best option.

Filing separately for married couples requires more effort and time. Both spouses must also take either the standard deduction or itemize their deduction. Mixing and matching between the two returns are not allowed.

While the process can be tedious, choosing to file separately can let your clients enjoy bigger tax savings and might allow for a larger deduction under the right conditions. However, remember that it can have drawbacks, such as losing certain deductions available to joint filers.

As a professional tax preparer, it’s your responsibility to weigh the options carefully to help your clients maximize their refund potential. Using a tax preparer software like ours can help you have a smoother and more convenient tax preparation process. We offer various options and programs to fit your tax business needs.


It takes more than just completing forms and following rules and regulations to stand out in the tax preparation business. To provide complete satisfaction for your clients, it’s advisable to try some of the tips mentioned above. You may also consider investing in professional tax software for a more hassle-free and efficient process.

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