The Best Cost – Cutting Tips for New Tax Preparation Offices

Working in the realm of taxes is a tiring yet fulfilling job, and one such job that deserves recognition is being a tax preparer. As the name suggests, a tax preparer’s job deals with preparing tax returns, either for another person or a company. Tax preparation is a good starting point for anyone who plans on working with taxes because there’s also the ability to manage a small business. If you want to be a tax professional, the most you’ll need is a laptop with tax preparation software, a mobile phone, and good training. Simply put, you can succeed in the trade if you have any of these. To make things easier, you can also set up an office to serve as your workplace and a meeting place where you can meet with your clients. Additionally, there’s also the need for equipment, such as printers and scanners, because working in taxes means you’ll be dealing with a lot of paperwork. If you intend to establish a tax preparation office, you can use methods that can help you lower costs in your operations. Read on below to learn more.


Your Office Equipment

We stated earlier that you don’t need much apart from a laptop, but let us elaborate on that. If you’re running a tax preparation business, you won’t need a laptop with high specs. However, the specs must be considered depending on the tax prep software you intend to use (more on that later). Aside from that, there’s also the office management software that you’ll need to use when handling tax documents and client information. Once all those points are covered, you can start finding the best type of computer that suits your needs. Alternatively, you can also go for a pre-owned computer if you’re only starting. Once your business is well-established, then you can upgrade the machines in your office.


The Tax Preparation Software That You’ll Use

A tax preparation professional makes use of incredible software tools when it comes to processing returns. In the simplest of terms, tax preparation software can complete complex tasks more manageable. While using tax preparation software is incredibly beneficial, it comes with a literal cost. Professional tax preparation software often requires a paid subscription to use, which is why you have to take into account the software option that matches your current budget and needs. Many tax preparation software subscriptions are readily available for tax preparers, but they all do the same thing. What sets them apart are factors such as pricing, bank product integration, customer support, and user-friendliness.


Printers and Scanners

For any office workspace, the printer is an essential piece of equipment—and that applies to tax offices as well. It’s possible to run a paperless tax office, but there will always come a time where you’ll need to print forms, contracts, invoices, memos, mail-outs, and statements. The printers that you should get are heavy-duty ones. Many tax documents, such as a tax return, can have at least 12 pages. Some tax returns could even go up to 100 pages, so expect that you’ll be needing a printer. There’s also the matter of scanners and photocopy machines so that you can make duplicates of a file immediately if the need arises. Think of your printing needs before getting one for your office. Laser printers work best if you’re printing a lot of pages because they’re highly efficient. The faster your printing jobs, the more work could be done.


Your Tax Office

If you’re establishing a tax preparation business, perhaps the best way to cut down on operating costs is to avoid renting office space. You can easily do this by working remotely from home and keeping in touch with your workers via Zoom or Skype. Once your business is established enough, you can choose to rent. However, you should also consider the location of your office so that you can attract walk-in clients. If you’re pushing through with a physical office location, you have to put office furnishings there. While it can be costly, there’s always the option of buying cheaper furnishings and upgrading later on.


Marketing Your Office

A tax preparation business is still a business, so you’ll have to use marketing tactics to attract more clients. For small businesses, this poses a challenge because most of them lack a considerable marketing budget. The easiest way is to create a social media page and post content related to your business. These include the essentials such as your business’ name, what you do, and other things that can boost online engagement. You can also directly approach other more established businesses and offer them a business card. This way, they’ll go to you if they do need your services. Keep in mind, though, that there’s no guarantee that this will always work. Alternatively, you can also ask your clients to refer you to other people. After all, there’s no better way of advertising than word of mouth.



A tax preparation business is a promising startup, but you should also make sure to invest within your means. Once your business is established enough, then you can start getting upgrades. A tax preparation software will keep your tax office running, which is why it’s something that you should not overlook. If you’re looking for excellent software for tax preparers, Keystone Tax Solutions has got you covered! We also offer other financial services and proper training for those interested in working in the realm of taxes. Contact us today to learn more!

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