Become a Tax Pro in Just 8 Weeks

New to the tax business?

Our courses are the launchpad you’ve been searching for.

Imagine lessons that aren’t just theoretical but easily digestible, complemented by visuals and practical problem-solving exercises. For instance, we’ll guide you through real-life scenarios, breaking down how to handle specific tax situations efficiently.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional in the tax industry or embarking on a new career path, our online tax preparation program empowers you to become a tax pro swiftly. Say goodbye to unnecessary details and welcome an 8-week online course tailored to your schedule – no prerequisites required. We cut through the fluff, focusing on essentials from Form 1040 to the intricacies of self-employed taxes. 

Our commitment to clarity shines through easily digestible lessons enriched with visuals and practical problem-solving exercises. With over 45 hours of straightforward training, we guide you on efficiently navigating the realm of taxes.

What's in Store For You

Strategic Client


Boost your business efficiently with a targeted marketing strategy that significantly expands your clientele.

Online Learning Made


Access training materials anytime, anywhere, with our user-friendly online platform for convenient learning.

Visual Learning,

Powerful Results

Immerse yourself in effective learning through engaging video tutorials and concise PowerPoint presentations.

Personalized Training,

Real-Time Support

Receive tailored, one-on-one instruction and real-time support through Skype sessions and screen sharing.

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Course Highlights

Over 45 hours
of training

No Prerequisites

Courses are available year-round


Easy to understand materials

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Market Smart, Grow Strong:

Your Modern
Tax Business Guide

Our book is your go-to guide for kickstarting your tax business marketing.

What it covers: 

Tax Industry Potential

Crafting Your Unique Marketing Story

Building Your Digital Toolkit

Improving Your Marketing Strategies

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What Our Partners Say

Don’t wait, elevate.
Become a Tax Pro with our Tax School

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