What to Know About Migrating to New Tax Software

Tax preparation software has revolutionized how people file their taxes. Many people can pay to outsource their tax filings to a capable accountant. Due to the demands of filing tax returns, technology has not only helped competent tax preparers to become more efficient, but also make it possible for them to process a tremendous amount of information in a short period of time.

Most anyone who prepares tax returns relies on some version of software to complete their job efficiently and accurately. As regulations change and as technology evolves, there comes a need to improve the system, and sometimes it involves migrating to a completely new one. Adopting new technology when you have gotten used to a particular way of doing things isn’t easy. However, sometimes change is necessary to increase productivity and reduce difficulties.

If you are planning to migrate to new software for your financial services company, here are some critical questions that you should raise before deciding on which new software to adopt:

    1. How will this improve my current processes?The ultimate goal of systems migration is to improve your operations. Any time you decide to change processes, you need to understand what value it can bring to your company. If a vendor can precisely outline what benefits you will experience with new software, there’s more to convince you that it’s worth the investment.
    2. How much time will data integration take?Depending on the size of your client base and the format of your existing data, integrating will take time. The amount of time will depend on the capabilities of the new system. Be sure to verify if you can run the old and new systems in parallel, so you don’t experience any downtime while moving from one software to another. Without continuous access to your data, you may not be able to serve your clients’ needs as well as you should.
    3. What sort of user support will they provide?The ideal software provider will not only supply you with a solution, it will help you implement it as well. There are bound to be hiccups as your team migrates to the new tax preparation program. Inquire about technical support and what sort of assistance they can provide during the transition period and beyond.
    4. Is there an option for a cloud-based solution?Remote working is a reality many companies have to live with. A cloud-based solution will allow your organization to work and access information from anywhere in the world with a stable internet connection. If you want to reach more clients and maximize your employee’s flexibility, you will want a platform that can operate on the cloud.
    5. Can I do a trial run?You can never really understand the value of a product until you try it for yourself. Ask the vendor candidates to provide a demo or a limited trial that allows you or your accountants to access the features. A test drive can help you decide if the solution offers any significant improvement from your existing one.


If your potential vendors can help you address these four major concerns, you might find it worthy to migrate to their new solutions. Any time you switch to new software, keep in mind that your organization will take time to adjust to the new way of doing things. Some systems migration processes take months to years to implement, so don’t make the decision to change your system lightly.

Take time to understand what the tax preparation software offers before deciding if it’s right for your business. Software solutions should improve your processes, not slow them down. Try an affordable and scalable solution like Keystone Tax Solution’s All-In-One software package. It’s a complete tax preparation software that comes with year-round customer support to make the transition easier.

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